Dr. Smith Family Practice Article

Dr. Matthew Smith– Traditional Family Medicine for the 21st Century

By Shelly Wilson

We can probably all agree that medical care has changed quite a bit over the last century. It used to be that your whole family – grandparents, parents and children alike – could go to the same doctor and be treated with the same personalized, quality care. Of course, those days are long gone. Or are they?

Meet Dr. Matthew Smith, a family physician who opened up his new practice on Tyrone Boulevard last year. Dr. Smith, a graduate of the Ohio State Medical School, says he was always drawn to the tradition and personalized care of family medicine.

“I’ve always wanted to do this,” says Dr. Smith. “I love both the science of medicine and the aspect of
helping people, and I’ve always been attracted to family medicine. It’s particularly rewarding for me
to care for the whole family, from grandparents to grandchildren.”

Dr. Smith says that he likes to maintain a welcoming, comfortable environment for all ages. Step into the reception area of Dr. Smith’s practice and you will often find refreshments, a wide range of reading
materials and even a fun movie playing on the office TV. It’s easy to forget that you’re “waiting for
the doctor.”

Probably one of the most welcoming features of Smith’s office, however, are the smiling faces of his
staff, Katherine Koshaish and Bonnie Stevens. “People love them! Sometimes I think they come in here just to see them,” Smith jokes.

“Oh, they might start off that way,” smiles Bonnie, “but once they meet Dr. Smith, they are always so
happy with him.” The truth is that Smith, Bonnie and Katherine are a competent, engaging team, sure to know your name the next time you stop by. It’s just what you would like to expect from your family doctor.

This personalized care may sound like something out of an old fashioned doctor’s office, but it’s that
tradition combined with new technology that really sets this practice apart. Smith and his staff are currently working to create a virtual practice where paper records are no longer needed.

“Everything about our patients is compiled into our software system,” says Smith. “When I go in to see a
patient, instead of a chart, I take my laptop.” This sophisticated system keeps track of every bit of information your doctor needs to know about you – from your allergies to your pharmacy to your child’s favorite flavor of cough syrup.

“And,” Smith jokes, “it keeps things legible.” You can think of it as personalized care for the 21st Century, and it goes a long way to break down the barriers between doctor and patient. This technology allows Dr. Smith to give patients the attention they deserve, and to be involved in every step of their care. Whether it involves feedback from specialists or directions for hospital staff, Dr. Smith is never without a patient’s information.

“It’s information that I have access to 24 hours a day,” Dr. Smith explains. “If the hospital calls about a particular patient, and I’m at home, I have their records immediately.” This system is a particular advantage for Dr. Smith who does a lot of hospital work with his patients, often at the local Palms of Pasadena.

“There can be a lot of drama involved with medical care,” says Smith. “We want to be able to follow
through with every aspect of our patients’ care and do whatever we can for them to make the process as easy as possible.” That’s the kind of involvement we all want and deserve from our primary care physicians, but that seems ever more difficult to find. Smith’s dedication combined with cutting-edge technology give his practice a true advantage for patients.

“We’ve got something exciting going on here,” says Dr. Smith. “We’ve got a lot of energy and dedication
for our patients. I consider it a real privilege for me to do this.” Just like the family doctors you
remember, only better.

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