Our Philosophy

It is truly a privilege and an incredible honor to be able to care for patients and their families. Growing up, this is what I always wanted to do… become a doctor, have a small practice, and become ingrained in the community.

What our patients like the most is our staff. Katherine Koshaish and Bonnie Stevens have been with the practice since it started. More recently, medical assistants Carissa, Bianca and Denese have joined us. They don’t consider themselves employees, they are caregivers. They care deeply for the patients and have worked tirelessly to help them.


I can’t even count the times that they have gone the extra mile to assist someone. Through the years, the staff has laughed, cried, comforted, and consoled, and truly listened to our patients. A person may come through the door at the end of their rope, in severe pain, unable to walk, full of anxiety and worry, faced with a new diagnosis, nearing the end of life, or struggling to keep their head above water. Everyone is treated with dignity and respect and is always welcomed and comforted.

Oftentimes, a patient will visit full of excitement. He/she may need a physical before leaving for college, nursing or paramedic school, or a new job. These are occasions the office celebrates. We even had cake and ice cream for a patient who turned 100 years old!

There are also times when a patient comes in because “his wife made him” or perhaps just to have a cup of coffee with us.

Regardless of why you make your appointment, we are always happy to see you and you are always welcome to call or come in any time.

Thank you for being a patient and entrusting us with your care.

Dr. Matthew Smith